5 South Indian Veg-Curries to try in Canada


When we are far away from the homeland we may miss our beloved ones and things. If you make it into a list, you can see the authentic food in the top two or three, especially for Indians. Yes! People miss their food most when they are out of the country. In their daily hectic life, they wish for having the taste in everyday meals.  The unavailability of native ingredients or time maybe some unfavorable factors for making them.

So for them, especially the Indians in Canada, there is a god gifted boon- the Kerala kitchen. You can find almost all varieties of Indian food. The rice varieties, Rotis and the top listed curries you can avail from there. Some of the ever time favorites from them are enlisted here. 

If you are in Canada, you can directly make a visit to them or can order your favorite eateries online through our website http://keralakitchen.ca/

1. Aloo Gobi Masala


The aloos or potatoes being the most commonly available vegetable in India, we can find the rich presence of it in almost every Indian dish. Amongst this, people prefer to have a delicious combination of aloo and gobi. Though it is a Punjabi dish in origin, even south Indians love to have this variety with rotis, chapatis, and rice. The fried mixture of aloo and gobi along with the rich tomato puree and Indian masalas will fill your belly as well as your mind. So being in Canada, one can never miss the chances to energize your taste buds with this tasty delight from Kerala kitchen.

2. Masala Tadka Dal


As an Indian, we can’t imagine a meal without daal. From the different variants of daal curries, the daal tadka stands apart. The mushy daal cooked with onion tomato combination will be the nicest and simple combination with rotis or different rice varieties. The tampering is normally done with the spices, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, and dried chilies, making it an authentic Indian dish.

3. Bhindi Masala (Okra)


The semi-dry bhindi (ladies finger) masala makes an awesome side dish to most of the Indian main course items. The mildly spicy and hot masala with enriched flavor never allows any bhindi lover to limit the capacity. The tomato-onion base in this dish adds the well-to-do flavor to it. The okra masala is one of the assorted collections of the Indian curry world. The nice aroma of the ginger garlic paste with the fennel and coriander powder makes you tempt always. If you are a true core vegetarian food fan in Canada, make sure to have it from the Kerala kitchen or order online through http://keralakitchen.ca/

4. Kerala Vegetable Curry


The dry-fried coconut in coconut oil with a selected combination of spices will beat not only your taste sense but your olfactory senses too. This thick gravy will be an alternative to many non-veg types of gravy in the vegan’s list. The vegetables used in this dish, absorb the whole masala and scintillates your taste buds in each bite. Never ever repent being a vegan as this curry will enthrall you with its aroma itself. So it is in the top list of the most demanded south Indian dishes and no wonder if it awakens the nostalgic motherland memories.

5. Paneer Butter Masala


I am not lucky enough to come across any Paneer-hater. The Indians are fond of paneer that much. It’s always a hit in Indian families and the most demanding in Indian restaurants. As it goes well with jeera rice, all pulav varieties, and rotis, people prefer them on all special occasions. The mild spicy, sweet tang of this curry along with the bright red color will melt your eyes and taste buds. The creamy, buttery gravy attracts the kids more to this dish any other varieties of paneer curry. In Canada, you can taste the most atrocious version of paneer butter masala in Kerala kitchen, Surrey.

Winding up:

Human’s basic gastronomic needs are always intertwined with their culture. Where we live or how we live won’t matter if it’s related to food habits. The basic Indian culture goes hand in hand with our food culture too. So, one can never go beyond certain experimentation. After all, we will come back to basics. To help out the Indians in Canada by satisfying their taste senses, there works the Kerala Kitchen. Do visit it directly or through http://keralakitchen.ca/  and experience the feeling of our homeland through their culinary skills.


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