6 delicious seafood dishes to try in Canada

If you’re in Canada and you’re in a mood for some delicious seafood, then you’re in for a treat. When we are away from our hometown, we miss home food. If you’re in Canada, visit our restaurant – Kerala kitchen, and taste the authentic south Indian food. Our dishes are cooked using traditional homemade Kerala style.
If your taste buds are addicted to south Indian cuisine and are craving seafood, read our blog to know about 6 delicious Kerala-style seafood dishes.

  1. Kerala Fish fry: Kerala fish fry is a popular south Indian seafood. It’s a meal where fish is battered and fried. This dish is very famous in Kerala and known to be one of the traditional dishes of Kerala.
    Kerala fish fry
  2. Kerala fish curry: One of the most celebrated dishes is the fish curry of Kerala. Kerala fish curry is a spicy fish curry cooked with special spices, with or without coconut milk. It tastes delicious when savored with rice.
    Fish curry
  3. Prawn korma:This is one of the delicious Indian curries and a kid-friendly meal. Prawn Korma is rich and creamy and can combine it with any type of meat or fish. This dish is a cream, coconut milk, or yogurt-based curry dish from India.
    prawn korma
  4. Kerala Prawn curry: This is one of the signature dishes of the state – prawn curry from the Malabar region made of fenugreek, black mustard and fennel seeds, coconut milk, and green chili. It includes a special ingredient to give a sour taste called Kudampuli. It also uses marinated prawns, drumsticks, and raw mango to give it a spicy, tangy flavor. It’s amazing that how all these simple components in a dish make something very beautiful.
    prawn curry
  5. Prawn Pepper masala: The combination of pepper and ginger-garlic paste in this recipe gives the dish an amazingly rich and tantalizing flavor to this delicacy. Prawn Pepper Masala is succulent, spicy, and tempting prawn recipe made with freshly roasted and ground spices.
    prawn pepper masala
  6. Fish Pepper masala: Fish Pepper Masala is a simple fish preparation that can be savored as a side dish with steamed white rice or masala rice. This dish is rich, delicious, spicy, and zingy that is full of flavors.
    Fish pepper masala

Are you in Canada and willing to have delicious seafood? Visit our restaurant Kerala Kitchen – the best south Indian restaurant. We have a wide variety of south Indian dishes. Visit us and enjoy the south Indian home food.


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