Puttu – Kerala’s traditional dish

kerala food Puttu

Puttu is the traditional South Indian Breakfast dish eaten in the Southern states of India – Kerala, Tamil Nadu, other parts of Karnataka. Even this dish is eaten in Sri Lanka. However, this dish is most popular in Kerala. Puttu is made of ground rice which is steamed in cylinders with coconut shavings.
This dish tastes awesome with kadala curry (Bengal curry) and it is considered to be the most nutritious breakfast combination. It also tastes good with vegetarian and non-vegetarian curry such as dal, chickpea, mutton, fish, beef curry.
Have you ever thought about when was Puttu first made; when it turned into the most popular breakfast or dinner dish of Kerala? Although there are no solid proofs about the origin, and when this dish was made first, there are many popular legends associated with it.
Puttu was first mentioned in the 15th century in the book titled Thirupugazhu by one of the renowned Tamil poet Arunagirinathan. The story of Sivaperumal in Thiruvilayadal Puranam tells the story of the famous Madurai Meenakshi temple. However, many historians had found that the Malayalam language had developed in the 8th century.

Types of Puttu (steam cake)

There are many varieties of Puttu. You might know that Puttu is made using rice, ragi, or wheat, but it could be also layered and made in amazing combinations. Here are a few varieties of Puttu

  • Meat Puttu
  • Chicken keema Puttu
  • Prawns Puttu
  • Egg Puttu
  • Fish Puttu
  • Coconut Puttu
  • Raisins Puttu
  • Dasapunshpa Puttu
  • Biriyani Puttu
  • Tomato Puttu
  • Mixed vegetable Puttu and many more.

These varieties of Puttu can be served with a wide range of side dishes, which makes it more delicious.

Do you know the traditional way of cooking Puttu?

Chiratta Puttu is the most popular among all traditional variants. Chiratta refers to the coconut shell in Malayalam. Since coconut is an integral part of South Indian cuisine, it is often used in many of Kerala’s traditional dishes too. Now there are varieties of Puttu makers is available Puttu makers made of bamboo, steel Puttu makers, aluminum Puttu makers, etc. Puttu tastes better when it is super hot!

World record for Puttu

In the year 2006, a Puttu festival organized by students of the Oriental school of Hotel Management in Kaipatta, Wayanad, the land known for the famous Puttu made in bamboo stem. One of the participants had made 18 feet huge Puttu. A special pot was prepared along with the steam cake maker. 26 kg of Putu Powder and 20 coconuts were used for this purpose consuming 90 minutes. Finally, they managed to enter Limca’s Book of Records.
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Puttu – Kerala’s traditional dish


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