6 varieties of Kerala Kothu Paratha – Must try!

Chicken Kottu parotta

Paratha is layered flattened bread made of Maida or wheat flour. Parathas are very common in regions like Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and widely available in other regions like Karnataka, Maharashtra, and countries such as Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, and Sri Lanka.
Parottas are often available in restaurants across various regions including Kerala. Parottas are usually served with vegetable kurma, chicken, fish, or beef curry. There are varieties of parottas and one among them is Kothu Paratha. This variety of parotta is popular in Tamil Nadu. The dish is prepared by chopping parotta into small pieces and mixing it with egg, chicken, or mutton. Most popular variants are egg Kothu parotta, chicken kothu parotta, etc.
Kerala Kitchen – South Indian Restaurant has 6 varieties of Kerala Kothu Paratha.

  1. Veg Kothu Parotta: It is a shredded flaky multi-layered flatbread stir-fried with vegetables and spicy Indian spices.
  2. Chicken Kothu Parotta: Chicken Kothu Parotta is made of multi-layered flatbread that is chopped and stir-fried with chicken along with the spices to enrich its flavor.
  3. Lamb Kothu Parotta: Lamb Kothu Parotta is a delicious dish made of flaky flatbread stir-fried with mutton and spices that enrich the taste of the dish.
  4. Prawn Kothu Parotta: Kerala kitchen serves the luscious and sumptuous Kerala Prawn Kothu Parotta. Fresh Prawn mixed with tasty Kerala style masala and stir-fried with shredded multi-layered parotta.
  5. Beef Kothu Parotta: Chopped-up parottas are combined with ground beef masala sautéed with tomatoes, onion, pepper, and other spices.
  6. Egg Kothu Parotta: Shredded parottas are mixed with crumbled egg and sautéed with tomatoes, onion, and other Indian spices to pamper your taste buds.

Kerala Kothu Paratha


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